CES 2019 - DPPs show report, enabled by Covatic

CES 2019 gives a view on the trends emerging from the world’s biggest technology trade show. It highlights the current trends that could have profound implications for media companies over the next few years.  The report sets the 2019 trends in a wider perspective, using DPP data on technologies and trends at CES going back to 2010. The report was written by the DPP and enabled by Covatic. 

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DPP predicts the key consumer technology trends for CES 2019

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP), the media industry’s international business network, has revealed the key trends it predicts we’ll see at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2019. The predictions were made by DPP Managing Director Mark Harrison at the HPA Creative Tech event in London today. 

The DPP’s CES work is enabled by Member company Covatic, who specialise in creating personalised consumer experiences for media.

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4 reasons why every brand needs an app

Many well-established brands have been turning to millennials to advise them about the best way to grow their businesses digitally. The logic behind this approach is that this generation, which has grown up with social media and the internet, will instinctively know about what online audiences want. The result has been a happy time for established social media platforms, which have received billions in advertising spend, and a boom in the development of mobile websites to cater for consumers who aren’t using a fixed device. In our opinion, it is time to review this approach and wake up to the possibilities that apps can offer businesses instead.

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AI and Personalisation

The rise of Artificial intelligence (AI) has well and truly captured the public’s imagination - and media news headlines - in recent years. However, the way in which AI will impact the world around us is still being debated by those companies developing AI applications; especially within the media and broadcast industry. 

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The pressure of personalisation vs privacy

Competing priorities mean added complexity for media and content companies.

Broadcasters and media organisations are embroiled in a battle to win the attention of audiences. New digital brands and fresh media faces have taken a large chunk out of the viewing population; for example, YouTube boasts more than 1 billion users every month. This has left traditional content providers struggling to keep eyeballs fixed on their offering. It’s no surprise that driven by a need to stimulate advertising revenue, media companies have turned to content personalisation to reclaim viewers’ loyalty.

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Millennial Viewing Habits: How Can Broadcasters Bridge The Widening Gap?

It’s no secret that millennial viewing habits are different to those of Gen X, Gen Y, and baby boomer viewers.

But the pace at which the gap is widening -  especially between teenagers and baby boomers - is catching some in the broadcasting industry by surprise.

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