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Hello, we are Covatic

We are proud to present A-Type, a revolutionary way to engage with your users. 

A-Type is a private-by-design solution for cross-platform connected advertising and marketing. It offers 100% addressability and detailed audience segmentation. Our innovative ‘on-device’ approach means no cookies, personal IDs or logins—no personal data is exposed. 

Advertising is changing. Regulation is tightening and consumers are saying no to tracking. Personal data can no longer be traded as a free asset. The era of tracking a person and their activity across the web is rightly at an end. 

A new approach is needed.

Speak with us to discuss how we can help you grow revenues and future proof your advertising and marketing business.

Presenting Covatic A-Type

Covatic A-Type provides advertising, marketing, sales, yield and revenue teams with the capability to segment and target users without ever requiring a personal ID.

App installs using Covatic

Know more without prying

Every piece of personally identifiable data is kept safe and secure, never leaving the user’s mobile device.

Mobile app

Our mobile SDK supports iOS and Android. It does not require IDFA and is ATT, GDPR and CCPA safe.


Our browser solution requires just a few lines of code to be inserted in your website's page header. It does not rely on IDs or cookies.

Connected TV

We have private-by-design solutions for interactive TV apps and embedded RDK solutions for CTV set top boxes.

Privacy Guarantee

All personal data is processed on the user’s device and targeting is based on the information users choose to share, ensuring no personal data is exposed.

Advertising solutions that speak directly to the user

Estimate reach, design campaigns and then deliver advertising to relevant cohorts. End to end attribution fully integrated into the programmatic chain ensuring that brands, agencies and publishers are all able to get the most value out of the available inventory. 

Tools to Personalise Your Content and Drive Engagement

Supercharge your app engagement and monetisation with Covatic's solutions

Programmatic Advertising

Empowering Publishers and Apps to create new online ad opportunities in an ID-less, future-proof, on-device way.

Consumer Engagement

Finding and actioning the moment that matters for each of your users.

Customer Insights

Understanding the real world behaviours of your users.

Upsell and Convert

Increase revenue by identifying user segments that are most likely to be receptive to upselling tiers and converting to brand advocates.

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