The pressure of personalisation vs privacy

Competing priorities mean added complexity for media and content companies.

Broadcasters and media organisations are embroiled in a battle to win the attention of audiences. New digital brands and fresh media faces have taken a large chunk out of the viewing population; for example, YouTube boasts more than 1 billion users every month. This has left traditional content providers struggling to keep eyeballs fixed on their offering. It’s no surprise that driven by a need to stimulate advertising revenue, media companies have turned to content personalisation to reclaim viewers’ loyalty.

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Millennial Viewing Habits: How Can Broadcasters Bridge The Widening Gap?

It’s no secret that millennial viewing habits are different to those of Gen X, Gen Y, and baby boomer viewers.

But the pace at which the gap is widening -  especially between teenagers and baby boomers - is catching some in the broadcasting industry by surprise.

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The Top Challenges Faced By Broadcasters In The Digital Age

As a broadcaster in the Digital Age, how completely have you ‘tuned in’ to what your audience really wants – and how have you adjusted your offerings to better provide for these demands?

Most broadcasters are fully aware that the times really-are-a-changin’ in their industry – but many have been rather slow to react to these changes. Some are still stuck in the mind set of just five years ago - when broadcasters were still able to dictate schedules to their audiences.

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