Serendipity Data

Data is processed on device – no need to store personal information

In the world of personalisation and audience insight, questions of privacy and security are inevitable. Privacy has been part of Serendipity’s design from day one. Our SDK ensures that private information is processed securely on your user’s own devices, only releasing the needed information.

Engagement Opportunities

Individual windows of availability for the user to consume content based on their schedule. Each Opportunity has recommended time, format, delivery method and duration.

Contextual Consumption

Overlaying tangible data with digital activity. This describes what the user is physically doing when engaging with your app.

Personal Engagability

The ability to understand a user’s context in real time, for example if they are interruptible. This can be used to drive next best actions.

Get a Better Understanding

The Serendipity SDK securely sends anonymous data to our service layer for analysis. From this we can gain insights about your users consumption habits and 'real world' patterns. Using this data we also enable new segmentation and reach estimation based on time, location and profile.


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