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Five key trends expected to make waves from d3con 2024

Nick Pinks, CEO, Covatic

Held in Hamburg, d3con 2024 stands out as one of the pivotal digital marketing and advertising technology events in Europe, drawing a crowd of 2,000+ attendees. Prominent speakers from companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Zalando, BURGER KING Germany, and Google graced the event, highlighting its wide appeal and ability to ignite discussions among key figures in the digital advertising industry. This year's event upheld its reputation as a top networking hub, showcasing cutting-edge innovations. Attendees gained valuable insights on programmatic advertising, data-driven marketing, AI, Connected TV, retail media, and privacy/compliance.

Here are the main highlights from the event and the five trends we expect to see making waves in 2024.

Delving into the key themes

  • Industry innovation and ethical marketing: A central focus of the conference revolved around combatting digital ad fraud and the evolution of outdoor advertising, emphasising ethical practices and transparency in programmatic marketing. The establishment of a media trading code of conduct underscored the imperative for integrity within the industry.
  • Regulatory insights and sustainability: Involvement from IAB Europe underscored a commitment to programmatic and media trading standards along with sustainability policies. Discussions on third-party cookie regulations and AI's role in programmatic advertising showcased a proactive stance towards upcoming regulatory and technological shifts.

Five noteworthy takeaways

  • Connected TV: The event explored the significant opportunities presented by Connected TV, including targeted advertising and innovative measurement methods.
  • Advertising efficiency and growth: Strategies to combat data opacity and siloed thinking were discussed at length, underlining the value of transparency and expertise.
  • Evolving retail media landscape: Conversations on the burgeoning retail media sector stressed the importance of ethical practices and operational efficiency in this swiftly evolving space. The event shed light on the necessity for ongoing dialogue and progress in retail media, addressing both the challenges and opportunities that this growth sector presents for advertisers.
  • AI in programmatic advertising: Discussions on AI's role in navigating a cookie-less future and improving omnichannel approaches were pivotal, illustrating AI's capacity to transform digital advertising strategies.
  • Mitigating digital ad fraud: Initiatives to combat ad fraud and elevate ad integrity were examined, urging advertisers and publishers alike to embrace more responsible practices.

Future outlook

  • The event critically evaluated the transition from user-centric to contextual advertising and the repercussions of cookie policy alterations, showcasing the industry's adaptability and the ongoing evolution of targeting strategies needed to future proof the industry e.g. on-device solutions.
  • Google's careful stance on cookie alternatives and exploration of new targeting methods like Topics also indicated a significant industry shift towards privacy-centric advertising models.