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Sound is the next frontier of e-commerce. So why are marketers not tuning in?

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Credit: Walmart

Written by Dan Pike for TotalRetail

The psychological connection between sound and human recall has long been scientifically established, with certain sounds having the power to transport us back to a moment in time, jog a memory, or even a feeling. The tune of an ice cream truck in the distance, for instance, conjures up the warm memories of childhood summers.

However, despite the known power of audio, many marketers are primarily directing their budgets towards visual ad formats, such as display and video. Such approaches are an oversight when consumers are listening to podcasts for up to six hours a week, with 68 percent of them open to buying products or services featured by the hosts.

For the 60 percent of marketers who failed to capitalize on audio advertising in 2023, it’s time to direct more imagination, focus and resources towards it.
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