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Creative UK were our right hand in the beginning: Covatic’s investment journey with Creative Growth Finance

Success Stories
Skip forward a few years to 2023 and they were getting their second Creative Growth Finance loan to kick off an impressive $5 million Series A fundraise. To understand what this investment journey felt like, we got together with CEO and Co-Founder, Nick Pinks who shared his company’s amazing growth story.

Creative UK

How did Covatic get started?

Nick Pinks

Covatic started back in 2017 when Creative UK helped us do our very first funding round. Our idea started when we were looking at the industry and trying to work out how the likes of BBC, ITV and Sky stay relevant in the Internet age. This was back in the 2010s when GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) wasn’t around and Facebook was on its way to global dominance. Everybody was sharing everything online and there was very little or no regulation at all around the use of that data.
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