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Cookie delay: ‘Don’t wait for Google, find new tools now’

Written by Decision Marketing

News that the Competition & Markets Authority has forced Google to put back the demise of third-party cookies for a fourth time has not come as a huge surprise to many in the marketing industry but, as Decision Marketing discovers, most experts are urging advertisers to act now or risk falling behind.

The Trade Desk’s UK vice-president, Phil Duffield, is straight on the case. He says: “This just proves Google still hasn’t developed the right solution to actually enable targeted, omnichannel advertising. This delay clearly demonstrates that brands should prioritise alternative identity solutions such as European Unified ID (EUID). Those who have started testing improved identifiers already have a competitive advantage.

“Now is the time for the advertising industry to build a new identity fabric that works across multiple channels, including the ever-evolving connected TV, while putting consumers in the driver’s seat. Only then can we optimise global campaigns and protect the future of digital advertising.”
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