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Expert Views on Google’s 1% Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

Written by Sudipto Ghosh for AIThority

Google’s third-party cookie deprecation has finally arrived to spell a new era in The Privacy Sandbox. From today (4 January 2024), Google Chrome is disabling third-party cookies for 1% of the users before completely stopping it in Q3 2024. Publishers and website owners who use third-party cookies to improve the quality of their services and content would now have to look out for alternative channels to experiment with their advertising efforts. Google has already launched a range of APIs to offset third-party cookies for identity tracking, advertising, and privacy management. In our Google third-party cookies deprecation series, global adtech leaders spoke to us about the consequences of this milestone event. Global tech giant Google today starts turning off internet cookies for some users of its Chrome search engine, marking the end of an era in web tracking.

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