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What These Marketing Leaders Think About Google’s Latest Cookie Postponement

Written by ANA

Google has pushed back its deprecating cookies yet again until 2025, as reported by Ad Age. This may not be entirely surprising considering Forrester "found in 2023 that 50 percent of the global marketers surveyed did not believe that Google would deprecate the third-party cookie," according to an ANA presentation given by Intel.

Below are reactions to the news from various thought leaders in the marketing space.

Edik Mitelman, general manager of privacy cloud at AppsFlyer:
"Google's latest third-party cookie postponement feels like that friend who perpetually claims they'll 'be there in five minutes' while still in their pajamas. Advertisers need to start controlling their own destinies, instead of obsessing over Google's cookie dance. The whole ecosystem, from ad networks and DSPs to identity providers and brands, has been anticipating another delay and remains all too reliant on seeing what Google decides to do.

"Larger forces are also at play – with privacy legislation being announced at a federal level – making a watertight data collaboration strategy vital for all global businesses. Privacy Sandbox might be Google's answer, but it's not the only game in town. The extension shouldn't be treated like a snooze button — advertisers have waited long enough to know that they should have a plan for building their own first-party data program.
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