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Super Bowl LVIII preview

Written by by Joseph Arthur for PMW

The importance of being brand relevant, AI’s impending influence and the benefits of nostalgia – get all the expert analysis of the state of play ahead of the Super Bowl’s famous advertising frenzy.CES 2024 was always going to be special, but this year saw a number of key shifts that have set the agenda for where global technology goes next.

Heralded as one of the globe’s most significant annual sporting events, the Super Bowl’s primary broadcast draws an audience of over 200 million from across the globe. Subsequently, ad slots throughout the game’s coverage are often coveted as the gold standard of opportunity for brands to increase their audiences and creator lasting virality.

Steeped in almost as much history as the Super Bowl itself, Super Bowl adverts have become a cultural phenomenon among viewers and brands alike. From Disney’s 100 year anniversary advert proving dominant in 2023, to Coca Cola’s ‘Hey Kid, Catch!’ of 1979 still echoing throughout advertising folklore, nothing gets people excited like the Super Bowl.
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