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Advancing AI and Data Privacy: Insights from DMEXCO 2023

Written by Nick Pinks for Spiceworks

Nick Pinks, co-founder and CEO of Covatic, highlights key insights from the DMEXCO 2023 conference, where leading marketing experts convened to discuss the significance of data privacy, advancements in CTV advertising, the impact of cookieless advertising, and adoption of AI in marketing.

Trust and transparency were major conversation points when digital marketing’s finest gathered at this year’s DMEXCOO in Cologne, Germany, on September 20th and 21st. People want to know where their insights are coming from and the effects that they may have on the consumer, which is refreshing to see as the focus shifts to a more ethical approach to privacy-first ad strategies. Emerging technology was also a hot topic – whether the rapid growth of AI or the popularity of streaming and connected TV (CTV).

While the conference was less busy than pre-COVID times, the atmosphere felt more focused, and the discussions were more intentional and targeted. Here are some key takeaways from this year’s event.
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