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Experts Weigh In On Google Delaying Removal Of Third-Party Cookies Again

Written by Zee for TechRound

Google has decided to postpone removing third-party cookies in Chrome, initially planned for late 2024, now pushed to early 2025. This delay facilitates additional testing and adjustments following detailed feedback from industry stakeholders and regulators.

At present, Google limits third-party cookies to 1% of its stable users and 20% of users on its Canary, Dev, and Beta versions, preparing for a broader transition aimed at bolstering user privacy without undermining essential web functions.

Why Postpone?

The postponement arises from the necessity to address diverse feedback and regulatory reviews, specifically from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Google acknowledges the complexity of discarding technology entrenched in web operations and seeks to ensure a balanced transition that respects privacy concerns while maintaining functionality.

“It’s essential we collaborate with the ecosystem to address issues—a hurried process could lead to adverse effects,” stated a spokesperson from Google. The gradual testing also helps stakeholders adapt by exploring alternatives like the Privacy Sandbox technologies Google is advancing.

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