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Inspiring Inclusion: Women in Advertising Mark International Women’s Day

Written by ANA

International Women's Day (IWD) is an annual reminder of the hard-fought achievements of women in the face of historical exclusion. The theme for this year, "Inspire Inclusion," furthers this dialogue by highlighting the importance of fostering a world where all women feel valued and empowered, with equal opportunities to thrive. At a time when women are striving against all odds to make a mark in the tech industry, organizations are being urged to acknowledge the areas where they can be doing more to support their female workforce and take steps to improve.

As we mark yet another IWD where gender parity remains a goal for the future rather than a reality of the present, here's what prominent female leaders across the tech landscape have to say about their experiences as women in advertising and what still needs to be done to achieve true equality.

Representation is key to stoke ambition.
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