Understand Customer Insights by Covatic Solutions

Customer Insights

Covatic empowers companies to deliver exceptional brand experiences by identifying when, where and how each individual can engage with content – all without needing to expose personal data.
Types of Data

Aggregated User Insights

Get data that describes your customer based on their real-world activities against their digital consumption

Get indispensable knowledge that will enable you to create better targeted content that’s tailored to suit your audience, when and where they want it.

Our SDK learns individual behavioural patterns and uses on-device machine learning to contextualise behaviour.
Trust and Loyalty Scores

Know where your brand stands and set targets based on scores.

Commute Patterns

Highlight trends and identify segments.

Points of Interest

See how many users pass through or are nearby points of interest.


Understand what people are doing while using your app.


See if users are in transit or in a fixed location.

SEI Indicators

Improve advertising strategies with NRS social grades that clue you in on what they like.

Gender Split

Know the male-to-female ratio of user base to serve them better content.

Attribution and Reach reports delivered daily to your inbox

Set custom reporting alerts so that each day you get the information you need to drive your business forward. Using our report generator and contextual data you can set the KPI that matters most for your goals. 

Covatic’s predictive algorithms allow you to define the segments and estimate with confidence the conversion rate and exposure you’ll get with your latest strategy. 

Custom Reports

Identify specific customer insights and deep-dive to learn more about them.
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