The Future of Media Apps

We envision a future where media apps are smart enough to preload relevant content based on your day

Covatic can enable you to deliver the content your viewers want, when they want it.

By integrating Covatic's SDK into your app, we give you the knowledge to transform your audiences’ viewing experience from impersonal and unsatisfying to engaging and effortless.

Increased Engagement

People will interact with your content on a regular basis. That means more opportunities for effective, targeted advertising, increasing the value of your airtime and the potential for ad revenue.

Audience Insight

Through our enhanced metrics, you will gain more insight into your viewer base. This gives you more tools to drive business decisions, commissioning, and scheduling.


Benefits to you as a media company

By integrating our SDK into your media player app, there are several use cases that could be satisfied.

Media Opportunities

Right content, right format, right time

Media opportunities could be used to help select and present content in the right format and duration, to suit the user’s predicted day. A “My Channel" section of your app could be configured to mirror the user’s schedule. For example, sports highlights for a morning train ride.

Benefit: Effortless user engagement
Value: Increased screen time


Add context to consumption activity

Using aggregated information you can derive insight into real world consumption behaviour. For example, “What percentage of users changed activity after not fully consuming a piece of content?”. From this it can be inferred how many users stop watching because of a ‘real world’ influence, rather than lack of engagement.

Benefit: Enhanced KPIs and data driven strategy
Value: Return on content investment


Make a dormant user active

Your app can ask our SDK if the user is currently "interruptible". Interruptibility is defined across your user base. You could define an individual as interruptible when they are stationary at a train station. This could be used as part of a marketing or engagement mechanism to decide if a push notification should be delivered to the user.

Benefit: Timely and contextual actions
Value: Increased engagement


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