Give your audience that personal touch

Creating the best broadcast experience is all about context. Serendipity is the key to understanding your audience. It delves into your viewers’ day-to-day lives to give you information about how and when they are engaging with your content. They could be walking to the bus stop while listening to your radio show, or catching up on their favourite TV programme while on the treadmill at the gym. Serendipity knows all of this, and can tell you what content to deliver, when, and for how long. 

Let viewers sit back and relax

Finding the content you want shouldn’t be hard work. Serendipity takes the frustration out of discovering new shows or searching for old favourites, creating effortless viewing from start to finish. All content is pre-loaded to the mobile device, so your audience can enjoy their own personal, curated viewing schedule and a hassle-free broadcast experience. 

Private by design

In the world of personalisation and audience insight, questions of privacy and security are inevitable. Privacy has been part of Serendipity’s design from day one. Our software ensures that all private information remains securely on your audiences’ own devices. No data ever leaves the safety of their iPhone, tablet or Android. 

How it works

Serendipity’s mobile app framework does all the heavy lifting directly on the user’s device. The technology integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, connecting to your content delivery system using a simple service layer. Serendipity acts as the middle man, accessing the relevant content from your broadcast library, and plans a schedule of what TV show, podcast or radio programme should be delivered to which viewer. 

Let Covatic give people the content they want, before they know they want it.