Effortless discovery

Viewers have more choice than ever before when it comes to content. The rise of TV-on-demand, podcasts, news apps and e-books has given audiences an abundance of entertainment options. But while this choice is empowering, it can also be exhausting. 

Covatic takes the frustration out of discovering the next big series or familiar favourite by removing the need to search for it. Audiences can simply sit back and enjoy, as it is delivered directly to their mobile device, at the most convenient time, in the best format to suit them. Finding the right content has never been easier. 

Better experience

Covatic puts the user at the centre of the broadcast experience, creating a bespoke media channel that can satisfy their interests and fit in with their busy lives. There’s no waiting for shows to load or staring at a frustrating buffering symbol. Every relevant piece of content is pre-loaded to their mobile device, so your audience can sit back and enjoy a first-class, effortless viewing experience.  


Covatic puts the privacy of audiences first. Our technology simply analyses viewers’ preferences and behaviours and dives into the broadcaster’s library to find the most relevant content to match. All private information remains securely on an individual’s own device, safe from prying eyes.