Covatic is revolutionising the Audience Experience

Our products connect you to each of your individual audience members, increasing their engagement and the value of your content.

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The current TV and VOD experience is broken.

With today's technology viewers have ultimate control over where, when and how they watch content – which is great, but this explosion of choice has created a new problem. Finding engaging content has become a time-consuming and frustrating exercise – resulting in poor satisfaction, decreased engagement and diminishing relationships with broadcasters and advertisers.

Time Consuming

Too hard to find what you are looking for

Choice Overload

"So much on, nothing to watch"


Too hard to discover new content

Fixed Schedule

Live TV doesn't suit everyone


Too many irrelevant adverts


Mobile not living up to promise

Our Solution

We believe that broadcasters must connect to audiences on an individual basis, through personalised schedules and context aware delivery.

The future of TV is effortless (again).


Create effortless discovery of your content

Serendipity creates a bespoke channel for each of your viewers. It removes their frustration and the limitations of existing services by pre-empting their unique wants and needs. You will grow your audience while your existing viewers will spend more time on your services, helping you increase your revenue. Covatic's Serendipity Platform makes you money by treating your audience as individuals.

Private By Design

To create a bespoke experience you need in-depth audience understanding while at the same time maintaining and building their trust. Serendipity has been built from the ground up as a private, secure, distributed architecture ensuring your products satisfy the GDPR. Serendipity is Private by Design. All processing of personal data is on-device, meaning it is always in the user's control.

Effortless Discovery

With the ever growing industry of online media delivery - OTT and VOD, your content is getting lost in the noise. Audience members can't find what they're looking for, and in many cases, they don't even know what they're looking for. On average an individual will spend 1.3 days a year just looking for content! Serendipity solves this by anticipating what each and every individual wants.

Contextual Delivery

Serendipity anticipates what an individual will want, when they'll want it, what format they'll want it in, and for how long it should last. This can be audio, video and text. Understanding the context of when to deliver programming and adverting is unique to Serendipity, and with it, you can target programming and advertising 'just in time', letting you hyper localise any promotions.

Understand your audience like never before

Insights is the portal to your audience. It lets you see how well your content is being received, when your content is consumed, what you should make more of, and what you should invest less in. Insights allows you to open your targeted advertising opportunities to the world, and gives you the analytics to demonstrate true return.

Performance Monitoring

In conjunction with Serendipity, Insights tracks, monitors and reports in real-time the performance of your content. Insights can be integrated with existing sales tools through its open APIs.

Knowing Your Audience

Insights lets you understand your Audience. With Insights you can gauge how you can better service your audience, and grow your brand value. It tracks performance against known metrics to help track success.

Targeting Advertising

Insights lets you real-time target your audience. You are able to create rules that act in the context and location of each audience member. The same spots can now be sold many times over, to relevant viewers.

Making your content easier to find

Scribe is Covatic's set of tools that semantically tag and describe your content. This makes it is easier to find, use and ultimately profit from your assets. Scribe is available as standalone tools, or as an on demand SaaS capability.

Machine readable descriptions

Scribe answers the multi-archive, multi-store challenge. It creates machine readable descriptions, based on Semantics and Linked Data. This allows dynamic linking and search across multi sites, with loose and no pre-defined schemas. You don't need to spend time tagging every possible search term in advance. 

Time based metadata

Your content changes through out its duration; a sports game very rarely ends the way it starts, while news is always changing. Our data models describe content over time; so when you just want a key moment, theme, or even mood, you can find it. This adds a whole new dimension to your content understanding.

Beautifully tagged content

Imagine tagging, where the tag is only the start? Through linked data and ontologies we are able to add meaning after the event. When you describe something today, tomorrow it can be found and used for something originally unintended. This gives you unparalleled flexibility and security for the future.

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About Us

Formed in 2016, Covatic is an exciting team of broadcast industry experts and academic leaders.

Based on fundamental research

We are a University of Oxford spin out company. Our Research Founders are all world leading figures in semantics and ontology research.

Industry Experts

Our Leadership Team are broadcast technology experts with experience turning research into commercially successful products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise the audience experience by creating one-to-one relationships and effortless discovery of content.

Advisory Board

We are suported by a highly experienced Board of Directors and Advisors.