The broadcast landscape is more complex than ever.

Broadcast brands are no longer competing purely among themselves; they are also up against new media players – YouTube, Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram – in the battle for viewers. The strong industry foothold of traditional TV is being eroded by today’s mobile applications and the rise of content on demand.

While this abundance of entertainment options has liberated audiences from the old days of fixed content scheduling, it has also created an overwhelming and often frustrating viewing experience, making the right content difficult to find and irrelevant advertising plaguing device screens.

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What we do

Covatic helps broadcasters to connect with the individual. We transform your audiences’ viewing experience from impersonal and unsatisfying to exciting yet effortless.


Context Aware

Our software provides detailed - yet anonymous - information about what a person enjoys watching, reading or listening to. But most importantly, it puts this information into context; giving you an understanding of how and when they engage with this content. Armed with this knowledge, you can offer your viewers the content they want, exactly when they want it.


Increased Engagement

Using Covatic’s solutions, people will interact with your content on a regular basis. That means more opportunities for effective, targeted advertising, increasing the value of your airtime and the potential for ad revenue.


Private by Design

Privacy is a core principle of Covatic’s solution. Broadcasters and audiences alike can feel confident that every piece of data is kept safe and secure, never leaving the user’s mobile device.

Let Covatic give people the content they want, before they know they want it.